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November 2016 Newsletter

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We give God praise for the past months January - October. It is only an ungrateful child that will fail to praise him for all these months that have passed in which God has kept us. He remained faithful to his words and promises. We have proofs all around us that God is working in our midst. We experienced the mighty working of his grace in our lives as a church as individuals and in our families particularly those of us that obeyed the instructions God gave in October.
God also blessed us with a state of the act ALTAR which connotes ‘a refreshing of God’s mighty presence and move in our Church’ Halleluiah!!!





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 Many of us need to repair some altars because our lives got broken down by reason of broken down altars. We are God’s temple. In the temple you will find an altar. An Altar is where God dwells to control and do all that he wants to do. If they are broken down God can’t be there and there will be a disorder because God cannot stay in a compromised life. ‘Sin’ is what breaks down the altar of God that is why from this month you must have zero-tolerance for sin. You need to forsake your sins and live right in order for your live to progress. Elijah repaired the altar and that led to a release of fire and subsequent killing of Baal priests and afterwards it RAINED. This month, God wants us to repair those broken down altars so he can help put our lives in ORDER. Remember the prophetic declaration for the Month.

Some altars that needs to be repaired by way of REPENTANCE are - Getting right with God; Staying right with God; Soul Winning; Serving the Lord fervently; Giving; Prayer; Faith; Praise; Forgiveness; Love; Patience to mention but a few. Start doing these things and there will be a release of ORDER in your life. The problems of your life will become history, because God will restore everything you have lost.
Xmas is fast coming, start making plans to impact lives this Xmas. Givers will always remain on top. Be the one to show love to people all around you.
You will be getting further updates on the church programs for Xmas. Crusade, Praise Night and carol Service are some of the programs for December.
You shall not lose anything good to year 2016 in Jesus Powerful Name











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